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Custodial, day and night 

Day porter / matron

Furniture Cleaning and protecting

Window wash

Hard water / mineral deposits removal

Green Cleaning

Recycling support

We are highly educated in all janitorial and understand a wide variety of surfaces to be cleaned and maintained, the proper cleaning solutions, equipment, and procedures required to get the job done, to create and keep a clean, healthy enviroment.
We use enviromentally responsible ingredient products and equipment that work while protecting the enviroment, people and living things.
We will provide you with a free consultation.
We will provide a comprehensive maintenance program tailored to meet your objectives and facility needs.
Hard Floor Care
Carpet Care
Natural Stone Cleaning, Polish,
Protection, & Maintenance
Ceramic tile and grout cleaning, protection & maintenance
Porcelain tile and grout cleaning, protection & maintenance
Wood floor cleaning
Green Cleaning

Survey of your facility and tennant needs
Green certified cleaning solutions, equipment, materials and procedures
Paper products and plastic trash liners with 100% recycle content
Recycling program support
Walk off mats with post consumer recycle content.
Janitorial Cleaning,
Stone Care
Green Cleaning,
Tile & Grout
Office Buildings           High-Tech, Bio-Tech
Manufacturing, Medical Clinics, Day Cares